The team

Gwen smukowski

President and Founder

Gwen is the Founder of Continuity Consulting, an educator and coach, a national speaker, as well as clinical hygienist in private practice. Gwen maintains her focus on the development and expansion toward excellence in periodontal care and aesthetic/restorative team support. This focus on excellence has taken her worldwide as an instructor and speaker on the subjects of laser-assisted periodontal health, practice management, leadership development, operational excellence, integrated marketing and team-based comprehensive dentistry.

Gwen brings this broad prospective of clinical, managerial and academic experiences to her work. As a consultant and coach, her focus is to inspire and empower dental teams with current research, technology, and the systems necessary to reach new levels of growth and success for their practice.


Amber Kopca began her academic career at the University of Maryland Eastern Shore, where she majored in English Language and Literature. It was there and that she gained a love and appreciation for words and for language, and the ways in which words are the foundation of all communication. For years, she has done freelance editing and independent coaching on persuasive writing and academic essays. She is currently pursuing a Masters of Science in Digital Marketing at Northern Illinois University.

In her free time, she enjoys photography, traveling, and spending time with her family. She is a wife and a mother of two little ones.

What our customers say

"Gwen's ideas for practice growth were fresh and customized to the needs and personalities of my team. She was genuine in her concern for our success. There was not a single informational nugget that did not prove to be beneficial. We've become a 1.4 million dollar practice, experiencing sustainable growth and not looking back!" 

Dr. Gary Hosters

Chicago, IL

"Gwen has a real knack for explaining the connection between oral and systemic health. Not only is she informative, but she also connects with her audience, which makes it fun to listen to her!"

Dr. Bill Holevas

Elgin, IL

"Gwen trained our entire team on periodontal science, laser-assisted periodontal therapy, effective scheduling, patient communication and comprehensive care. Our hygienists feel truly valued for the impact they have on the health of their patients. Their efforts have developed positive results like never before!"

Dr. Patrick Bannon

Downers Grove , IL

"Success within our office is team-driven, and Gwen has enabled our members to grow collaboratively and expand our focus on care and treatment delivery. It all comes down to an openness to change, and she has guided us down many new paths." 

Dr. Lou Graham

Chicago, IL