Featured Successes

  • “Gwen’s ideas for practice growth were fresh and customized to the needs and personalities of my team. She was genuine in her concern for our success. There was not a single informational nugget that did not prove to be beneficial. We’ve become a 1.4 million dollar practice, experiencing sustainable growth and not looking back!”

    Dr. Gary Hosters, Chicago, IL

  • “Gwen has a real knack for explaining the connection between oral and systemic health. Not only is she informative, but she also connects with her audience, which makes it fun to listen
    to her.”

    Dr. Bill Holevas, Elgin, IL

  • “Gwen trained our entire team on periodontal science, laser-assisted periodontal therapy, effective scheduling, patient communication and comprehensive care. Our hygienists feel truly valued for the impact they have on the health of their patients. Their efforts have developed positive results like never before!”

    Dr. Patrick Bannon, Downers Grove, IL

  • “Success within our office is team-driven, and Gwen has enabled our members to grow collaboratively and expand our focus on care and treatment delivery. It all comes down to an openness to change, and she has guided us down many new paths.”

    Dr. Lou Graham, Chicago, IL

  • “Continuity Consulting was a welcome change for our practice. We had two prior consultants over our 30 years in practice and we were fed up with the “cookie cutter” approach, which will “work anywhere”.

    Gwen observed our staff interactions with patients, with each other, with the doctors. Gwen formulated a customized approach to help us achieve a practice with a better work culture; a better periodontal protocol; a more knowledgeable staff, both clinical and administrative; and lastly, a short and long-term marketing program to get the word out.

    Before her programs we were averaging about 16 new patients per month and last month we were up to a practice high of 35. When you hire Gwen, you get more than a consultant… you get a partner.”

    Dr. Scott R. Wehrkamp Brandon, SD

  • “Gwen did a great job with our laser training. I learned twice as much in less time with her instruction and feel very competent in my use of the laser and patient education. We have implemented many of Gwen’s ideas and our patients are being extremely compliant. I would love to take other/or more classes from her in the future.”

    Brooke MaCallister, RDH, Chicago, IL

  • “The course enabled us to try 3 different manufactures’ lasers. Angie and Gwen are extremely knowledgeable.”

    Courtney Jennings, RDH Chicago, IL

  • “There needs to be a way for more hygienists to find out about this course! When I did a Google search 2 years ago I couldn’t find any information about dental laser certification, except for Biolase. The training provided through Continuity Consulting is superior!”

    Amanda Sung, RDH Chicago, IL

  • “Your style is very conducive to learning. I believe everyone was more than satisfied with what they learned. My assistant who usually is very curt and soft spoken stayed after and talked about all she learned. Knowledge is power. Thanks for making us a stronger team today!”

    Dr. Walter Jagodzinski Chicago, IL

  • “It’s nice hearing info from a hygienist who has walked the walk. We are fortunate to have a small group so I felt like I really got a one-on-one. I am a visual learner so I appreciate the information in the handout. I thought the hands on demonstrations went very well.”

    Katharine Ann Darko, RDH Chicago, IL

  • “Answered individual needs or questions of each member in attendance. Graphics and explanation of periodontal issues were very on point with literature to back it up.”

    Lee Ann Little, RDH Chicago, IL